The FairMature

We headed to the fair after breakfast/lunch which I suppose could be brunch. The Fair was to the north of town and we ended up walking there.

"I'll pay for this" I jump in when we reach the entrance which has an entering fee. Is this really the best thing to do? I might put him off if I get how I usually do at fairs.

"At this rate, you might even charm your way into my pants" Nox says with a smirk. I blush and pay the fee. We walk in Nox talking my hand making my heart beat pick up. I'm starting to get feelings again with all this... time spending. I should really stop. Its just to get out. I look around uncertain not knowing where to go first. "Teacups. Always the teacups first"

I look at him unconvinced by this but follow him anyway to the teacups. I begin to feel a bit jumpy when I see the only people getting on them are kids and couples. I look across at Nox but he just seems so excited. I hold back my laugh and point at the sign. "We need to get tokens" I mumble.

"Then tokens we shall get" he says grinning. I pull him over and begin to pay for the tokens. Nox briefly kisses my cheek and I smile at him. He smiles back and I finish getting the tokens.  "Teacups. Now" he demands teasingly.

I chuckle and pull him over. I hand over the tokens needed and then sit down next to Nox whose already in the teacup. Nox grins brightly a moment before the ride begins. I find myself quite amused by Nox's lively side. I've seen it before but he's usually quite seductive.

Nox rest back his head closing his eyes and I find myself just watching him. After a while he opens his eyes. "See something you like?" he asks with a smirk.

"Mm, maybe" I tease him.

"Only maybe?" he says innocently. I shrug smiling glad to even pretending to have an upper hand. I cant help but blush though when he bites his lip seductively. Nox laughs leaving me pouting annoyed. "What?"

He prods my pout and I bite his finger lightly. He steals his finger back and instead kisses me. I kiss back feeling like I'm melting into the plastic thats how nice it is. It makes me feel so relaxed.

"Reckon we can find somewhere quiet?" he whispers in my ear. I explode into a blush cause him to chuckle. I fall silent and a bit aroused. I have to admit it. He then runs a finger down my chest teasing me and causing me to groan. Which embarissingly makes some kids in another teacup look over. I glare over at Nox whose smirking. "What?" he says innocently.

I fold my arms and huff annoyed. Nox laughs and when the ride finished I get off without waiting for him.

"Going somewhere, cute stuff?" he calls after me.

"To get a drink" I tell him waiting for him to catch up. When he does I begin to walk towards the drink stand. Nox skips along next to me and I end up by a slushie.

"Can we get some cotton candy?" Nox asks.

"Sure" I say entusiastically. I buy one of those enormous ones and chomp straight in before handing it to Nox.

"Mine" Nox says pouting but I just lean in and kiss him. He kisses back and I slip my arms round his neck. Nox hums and I just keep kissing pressing my hips closed. Its like I've been starved of him even though he's been with me all day. "Someone's eager" he says with a chuckle while I just bit my lip.

I notice the stare. The glances. I dont care though. I like Nox. He's mine even if its probably going to be for a brief while. He's still mine.

The End

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