Familiar FaceMature

I woke up before Nox and layed there waiting for him to wake. I didnt want to wander in case I went somewhere I shouldnt. "Morning, cute stuff" Nox says sleepily as he wakes.

"Morning" I say back with a brief smile.

"Good night?" he asks causing me to blush and my heart to skip a beat. God, I really hope this effect he has on me is going to calm down. Nox smiles making me almost melt inside.

"Yeah" I mutter a bit embarassed.

"Glad to hear it" Nox says. I cough embarassed and begin to get out of the bed. Nox though stays in bed. "Got Uni today?"

"No" I say pulling on my boxers. "I do two full days a week and training three times a week. Two are in the afternoon after my lectures"

"You're a lot busier than me then" he says stretching which makes me glance at him briefly but I yank my gaze away.

"I might be dropping out soon. I got offered a journalist job" I tell him.

"Go for it if its what you want to do" he says. I sit back down and look at Nox a bit hungrily. Nox winks and I blush once again. God I'm gonna faint if I blush much more. This much blood to my head cant be good. Nox chuckles.

"Have you got a shower?"

"That way" he says pointing out the door. "its not hard to miss"

I nod and begin to head out to the bathroom. Nox doesnt follow. I have a quick shower and come back into the bedroom with a towel round my waist. My wet hair drips water down my back and down my face. Nox just watches me and I blush.

"Um... what we gonna do today?" I ask standing there.

"No idea" Nox says with a grin. I shrug and get my boxers back on sitting back down on the bed. "What would you like to do?" he asks leaning up on one elbow.

"I dont know" I say with a shrug.

"Day in bed?" he surgests with a smirk.

"Um, I am bit hungry" I mutter now having blushed.

"Go get something to eat then" he says.

"Where's the kitchen?" I ask standing up once again.

"Straight down the hall" he says watching as I walk out. I go to find hardly much in but get together cheese on toast and coffee. I come back and sit on the bed cross-legged digging in.

"I didnt think I had any cheese" he says thoughtfully.

"Back of the fridge. Had only a week left" I tell him.

"Fair enough" I nod and finish my food putting the plate and cup on the side table.

"So?" I say trailing off.

"I'm gonna have a shower"

"Oh" I mutter shocked. "Okay"

Why didnt he just have a shower with me? I feel a bit annoyed and upset and sit silent as he goes off not even bothering to put boxers on. I lay down closing my eyes waiting while he has his shower. I hear him come back in but dont move.

"Asleep already?"

"No" I say not even opening my eyes.

"You okay?" he asks and I nod. I feel Nox sit down on the bed but still does react trying to keep calm around him for once. He begins to play with my hair and I hum happily. I feel him kiss my forehead and smile briefly feeling my heart ache for him. "Sure, you're okay?"

"I'm fine" I say with a nod.

"Good" he says and I fall silent. Then Nox kisses my chest making me hum feeling a little aroused by the contact. As he continues to kiss down my stomach I cant hold back the moan feeling myself beginning to get hard. He kisses all the way down to my hips and I groan finally opening my eyes.

Nox smiles and once again I blush. Seriously, Jhoa! Whats the matter with you? I sigh mentally.

The End

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