Childhood friendMature

"Hey, Jhoa" called Kacey as I stepped into the bookstore. Kacey was my childhood friend. I told her everything including that night with Nox. I must admit it was the best night I'd ever had but that wasnt really going to keep me around.

"Hi" I said, a sigh slipping into my voice. Kacey stopped with getting the book I order from the back shelf behind the counter laying it down and looking at me with a serious face. Great, I'm caught.

"What happened?" she demanded.

"I had a few problems with Gemma again. She knows I'm gay" I say with a shrug. Kacey had been the only one to except me so far since I'd came out. The football squad ignored it and got on with me but no one excepted me.

"What did you do? Did you finally yell it in the barbie girls face?" she says smirking. I shake my head biting my lip. Kacey frowns tilting her head and leaning on the counter. "How then?"

"Nox showed up"

"You mean amazing one nighter that you turned down to be a regular non-serious partner?" Kacey asks winking. She thought I was insane when I told her the part about turning Nox down and to be honest I partly regret it to. Especially after seeing him today. Maybe if we become that after I call him we'll eventually- No, I shouldnt get my hopes up.

"Yeah, he sort of showed up, kissed me and insulted Gemma" I say recalling the events.

"I like this guy" Kacey says sitting on her stoll and spinning round twice before stopping herself to face me. "Then what?"

"He gave me his number, told me to call him and then I came her"

Kacey pouts and shakes her head. "You should of snogged him there on the spot. Thats what I would of done" she says with a nod. I laugh knowing thats exactly what she would of done because its Kacey. A new guy to talk about every week. Then two or three serious commitments here and there.

"You know I'd never do that. Anyway, I better get home. I have an assignment in tomorrow" I tell her sighing. Kacey shrugs handing me my books while I hand over a £20 note. I nod and leave.

Okay, I did wait a few days to call Nox. I had no idea what I was gonna say. Kacey continuely called me ridiculous and I must agree. I was being picky. So finally I rang after four days and at about 10 pm.

"Took your time, cute stuff" Nox's voice flows out of the phone making my heart skip a beat.

"I had stuff to attend to... and I wasnt certain what to say" I admit. I sit down on the edge of my bed feeling like my legs are too weak to stand. Nox chuckles.

"You obviously called for something. How can I help?"

I frown confused. "I called cause you told me to" I mutter embarassed now.

"Fancy going out sometime?"

"Like... Just friends?" I say not saying what I was going to.

"If thats all you want" he replies.

I take a deep breath readying myself. "No its not" I say doing something Kacey said I should do in this sort of situation. I'm actually listening to her advice for once.

"Y'know, you're very confusing" he says making me blush and glad he cant see it.

"I know. Um, when?"


"Oh.." I say shocked. "Sure....Uh, where?

"Same place as last time?"

"I'll be there in 20" I say and hang up finding my heart pound. "Oh gosh"

The End

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