I'm LateMature

I find myelf waking up quite early in the night. I slip into some tracksuit bottoms and head to the kitchen to make coffee. When I get back Nox is just waking up. "Hey, I made coffee"

"You really are like a pet" he says with a chuckle. I blush brightly handing him the coffee and sitting on the edge of the bed.

"So?" I ask. He sips his coffee slightly and I do the same.

"So I'm wondering if I should keep you" he says causing me to splutter out my coffee in shock. Nox smirks and I fall quiet. I did this thinking that it wouldnt mean getting into a relationship. Am I ready for all of it again?

I hadnt been with a guy or anyone since Leon. "How was last night for you?" Nox asks and I look at him.

"It had been a while but.... it was passionate" I say simply.

"Good" he says with a smile making me blush.

"But" I continue looking away. "I dont know what I feel about getting into something serious"

"Who said I meant anything serious?" he says causing my heart to drop and skip a beat at the thought of just endless passion.

"Sticking around means some sort of commitment" I say with a shrug.

"Or just a familiar face for when nights get lonely" he says and in someway it feels seductive. I put my coffee mug down and sigh pushing a hand back through my hair. I was not prepared for this.

"I cant do the whole friends with benefits or the on and off couple"

"Okay" he says simply.

"I tried it and ended up caring too much" I say having looked away from him.


I fall silent and Nox drinks the rest of his coffee. "I'm gonna go have a shower. I have to get ready for uni"

"Want me to join you?" he asks and I feel my heart leap. I shrug and bite my lip not able to be cool for a second.

"If you want" I say giving him the option to just get dressed and leave.

"Might as well, I need a shower too" he says. I nod and head towards the bathroom linked to my room. There is a toilet off the hallway. Nox follows me slowly and I turn on the water before slipping out of my tracksuit bottoms. Nox smiles making me blush and quickly I step beneath the warm flow of water.

I feel his arms slid round my waist as he steps in behind me. I hum and feel myself slightly turned on. Nox smirks, his hand snaking down and making me gasp.

"No" I whisper. "I...I cant do this" I get out of the shower grabbing a towel and heading into my room.

The End

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