Ash Richards - Home Sweet... Mom?!?

The taxi weaved through the streets expertly but despite being use to the busy streets of New York we still hit traffic. I kept checking my watch and began to panic. What if Natalie called and I wasn't home? I had a mobile but like a moron I never bothered to memorise it. So I had given her my home number and now I was praying I got home in time before she rang.

Time ticked by very slowly and it was 30 minutes till the taxi slipped out of the heavy traffic. The roads after that were busy but not backed up so it was another 45 minutes till we got home and by then I felt like banging my head against the window. Paying the taxi driver I slipped quickly out of the cab, got my suitcase and then marched up the path to my house. It was the sent of freshly cooked bread that confused me when I entered the house. 

I closed the door behind me and left my suitcase by the stairs as I wandered through the house to the kitchen. "M-Mom?!?" I stutter shocked.

My mother turns to face me a bright smile slipping on to her lips. She moves over and tugs me into her arms. "I won the settlement" she says stepping back and staring into my eyes happily. "Your fathers gone back to L.A"

I know the thought of my father gone shouldn't make me happy but I instantly relax and wrap my arms back round my mums fragile body. She has a bit more meat on her bones then I last remember but its so good to see her again. "I'm glad... Wait, does this mean you'll be here with me?"

"Yes, darling" she says turning to walk to the oven where she pulls out a loaf. "Your Aunt will probably come and check on me now and then cause of our... situation"

I sigh. "Yeah.... Mum, there wasn't a phone call while I wasn't here?"

"Yes, actually" she says turning to me having laid down the tray. "Two in fact from that nice girl Natalie"

"She's not worried" I say panicked.

"Well, at first dear but her second one was to ask for your address. I believe she's coming here" my mother says. "She sounded quite lovely" I just stare shocked feeling the words slowly registor in my mind.

Natalie.... coming to New York? Coming here.....

The End

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