Ash Richards - Going Home

I lugged my suitcase and watched it move on to join the others after the lady at the desk attached a tag. She told me a few things then sent me on my way but I was barely listening. I was moving so slowly and zombie like I paid no attention to my surroundings. 

There was no commotion as I passed through security being that I had actually remembered to follow the boundaries set. I heaved a sigh and pass through to the area where you just find yourself waiting for your plane to be yelled out from the intercom surrounded by shops. I saw a few people at this stand though speaking through glass to obvious loved ones.

Guards watched making sure they didn't pass anything through and I just watched feeling empty. What I had done to Natalie had been wrong... so wrong. "Ash!" the sound of her voice. I knew it must be an echo in my head. She never would of come after me. "Ash!" 

The second yell caught me off guard and then her face just through the glass. "Natalie..." I whispered then ran over in a heartbeat. I pressed my hands to the glass looking through at her. "I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry"

"Ash, don't go please" she begged. "I know you're sorry just... don't go..."

"I have to... I've already passed through security. I'm sorry" I whisper.

"I can't lose you" she whispers tears falling down her cheeks. "Not now I know you care. Don't go, Ash. Please"

I open my mouth to speak when that annoying tone goes out followed by some words in Spanish before, "Will people on flight 12usny please come to bay 3"

Natalie shakes her head just her eyes begging me not to go. "Get out a pen" I say quickly. She gets one out. I recite my number and then she looks up at me frightened. "Call me.... Tomorrow when I land... call me..."

"No, Ash" she whispers but I'm turning round and walking. Walking towards bay 3.

The End

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