Ash Richards - The Mistake

The guide, Sophia, as I learnt she was called pulled me to my room. I probably should of thought by then that it was weird that she knew where my room was. In a second though I was gone. She was in control and I was just a drunk little puppet. As she took my clothes off though it was like sense was coming back to me. 

The final thing being her hand moving to my trouser. "No!" I snapped pushing her off or trying to which is when unluckily the door opened.

"Ash?" Natalie's voice called a moment before she came into view. I could see the heartbreak shoot across her face and through her. I realised Sophia was still straddling me and shoved her off. She yelped as I did so but my attention was not on her but the beautiful green eyed girl.

"Natalie, I-" I began but she didn't give me chance to finish and raced off. "Natalie!" I yelled running after her but stopped a few steps down the hallway. What had I done?

Sophia came out a moment later yanking on her clothes and snapped something at me in Spanish. Great, now I've lost Natalie for nothing. I groan and stumble back into my room. Checking my ticket of return I sighed. I still had several days left.

I searched for my phone and picked it up dialing the travel agency. After five rings they picked up. "This is Paula speaking how may I help you?" 

"I'd like to advance my return ticket to tomorrow" I whisper.

The End

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