Ash Richards - Lost

"Why did you leave?" I asked immediatly as the door to Natalie's door swung open. Yes, I was mad. How couldn't I be? She left the room in god knows what condition.

"I needed to get back to my room" she answers simply.

"You took drugs, Nat!" I snap. "You could of been in any condition!" I watch her look down sad and sigh heavily. "Look, I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to leave you there. Really I didn't it's just...."

"I get it, Ash. You miss your sister" she says looking away.

"No" I say taking her hands. "I mean yes but sometimes it just gets to me. I want to... I want to make something work between us, Nat. I do"

"Ash, I-" 

"Please, Nat. I'm sorry" I whisper stroking her cheek. She squirms beneath my touch. "Give me this chance please"

She bites her lip and pulls her hands away to rubs the sides of her head like you do when you have a headache. "I don't.... I can't decide right now"

My heart aches and I do something I swear I wouldn't do. I turn and walk out leaving Natalie stood there. I don't head to my room though. I go to the bar and begin downing one drink after another.

"Little girl threw you out then?" the guide asks. I look over at her then nod looking back to my drink. "Ready to spend time with me then?"

I look back over her and in my drunk stupor I check her out. My eyes run slowly up and down her body. "Sure" I slur making the worst mistake of my life.

The End

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