Natalie Brooks - Leaving

The second time I woke up, the memories of what had happened before were hazy. All I remembered was taking a pill, falling unconcious and a really painful migraine. Everything else was messy and I barely could make things out.

Looking around, I realised I was in the same place of my last memory; in Ash's room. I saw him lying down on the sofa, snoring lightly. I stared at him for a while, at the way his blonde hair fell across his forehead and the rise and fall of his chest. Then it hit me.

I'd been on his drugs. Who knows what I must have said in the craziness of it all? If I'd said anything mean to Ash, I didn't remember it.  Sighing, I slowly got off the bed, slipping my feet into my sandals that I'd left near the foot of the bed. Tip-toeing my way towards the front door, I opened it quietly and slipped out of his room, shutting the door with a soft click.

I know Ash would only have more questions to ask me when he sees me again. The reason for my leaving would definitely add to another reason for him to question my intentions. I couldn't blame him... I guess him still not having moved on sort of discouraged me. How could he possibly help me when he himself was stuck in a web he couldn't get out of?

Sighing, I entered my room and flopped down onto the bed, staring at the ceiling. What was I going to do?

before I could even answer the question in my head, I heard continuous hard knocks against my door. Groaning, I got to my feet and headed towards it. Opening the door, I felt myself making a huge mistake. Why had I been soo stupid?

"Why did you leave?" Ash asked, his jaw clenching. Uh-oh. He was real angry.

The End

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