Ash Richards - Painkillers

I wasn't letting Natalie leave that room the state she was in no matter how confused over my emotions I was. This overwhelming urge to keep her safe had ran through me when I saw her wobble on her feet barely making a step in a straight line.

So now I found myself heading to the little shop in the hotel to see if they had any sort of painkillers. That and maybe something warm like soup that I could heat up in the microwave provided in the room. I found what I was looking for taking vegtable and chicken soup so I could give Natalie a choice. 

Pulling out my key I stopped hearing Natalie's voice through the door. "I guess I should just sleep on his bed if he ain't gonna let me leave" she grumbled and I could heat her stumble to her feet heavily. "Idiot. Why am I wasting my time on him?"

My heart ached at the last question. I mean I thought it often but more like why am I wasting both our time if I'm reluctant to get past my pain over Stacey?

Did I have to get over my pain?

Heaving a sigh I walk in finding Natalie flopped onto my bed again and completely out. It made me smile and I put down the bag sitting on the sofa. I watched her as she tossed in her sleep muttering something to herself.  Had I not begun to feel tired I would of walked over and listened to her but too soon were my eyes falling closed.


I woke with a start as there was a rap of knuckles on the door. I looked round for a moment confused but then I relaxed but the sight of the empty bed made me panic again. The knock came again so for a moment I was distracted and went to answer it quickly.

"I'm here to let you know that their is a salsa night tonight" the man says in his perfectly ironed uniform.

"Okay" I mutter and close the door before he can do anything else. Why the hell did Natalie leave?

The End

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