Ash Richards - Collapse

I didnt reach her in time and the sound of her head hitting the floor to me sounded like a loud crack. Snapped out of my haze I rushed over to her pulling her body into my arm. My actions were automatic checking her head and sighing in relief when I found her head to been find. She would probably have a raging headache when she woke up but other than that she would be fine.

Well, no, she'd be dizzy as well. The doctor had warned me about what happened if you overdosed on this pill. It caused you to collapse and left you dehydrated and with a migrane when you woke up.

It would of happened to me the first time had the doctor not made sure it was the right dose cause at first I was given the wrong one. Stagering to my feet with Natalie in my arms I carried her over to my bed. I thought about my time with her. The way she made me feel. The first time I had felt something for a long time. It had been horrid with everything going on with my parents. The tears. The violence. All because the death of Stacey had hit us all so hard.

I dont think the world understood. People had sent us letters. Some even had sent us checks. I had sent them back because no money or letters from strangers could replace the pain we felt from the loss of Stacey. Nothing and no one.

Natalie's body was warm in my arms and slowly I lay her down on my bed. I find my hand reaching out and carressing her cheek. My eyes running over her features and feeling a warmth spread through me. A soft smile touched my lips. What was it about this girl that took the pain away? Those beautiful green eyes that shone so brightly yet were so guarded when she looked at me.

I move to lie next to her then after a moment I craddle her too me allowing my arms to slip round her slim body. I hadnt allowed my self much since Stacey died but with this girl my guilt didnt seem to matter. Sure, I still felt it but it felt like time to move on when I was with Natalie.

What about that time though... when I was about to take her out and I just broke down? I look down at her face running a thumb over her cheek then sigh feeling so confused.

The End

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