Natalie Brooks - Bargain

I couldn't believe Ash was taking these kind of drugs. It hurt me to even think about. Yet, glaring at him, I could realize that in the state he was currently in, he wouldn't listen to me no matter what I said. Unless...

"Well fine. I'm having a hard time as well right? I might as well get a taste of your medicine." Popping out one of the pills, I didn't have to look at Ash's face to see his reaction.

"What? Have you gone mad?"

"Now you're asking me the questions huh?" I snapped. "Now give me the watter bottle."

"No way!"

He held the bottle out of my reach, not allowing me to even get by stepping back for each one I took forward.

"Ash, I need them as much as you do."

"No you don't! You're doing fine without them!" He retorted.

"Oh really? Is that how i look? Fine?"

I shot him the most murderous glare I could muster up in a second before pushing past him and opening the mini fridge. Taking out a cool water bottle, I popped in the pill into my mouth and took a quick drink before Ash could stop me.

"Natalie, that's dangerous!"

"It's the same for you right?" I asked, whirling around and almost falling back onto the ground. I tried to glare at him but my vision spun and I felt light-headed. Oh no. The pill was having a stronger effect on me. Well maybe this would teach him something.

The next thing I saw was darkness as I felt myself collide on the floor.

The End

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