Ash Richards - Shocked

I blinked at the sight of Natalie in my room. I was beginning to feel the heavy effect of the drugs on my mind the packet of which I held in my hand. One glance at them and Natalie looked frightened. She snatched them from my grasped glanced at the label then shakes her head.

"If you werent ready why did you try and force me?" she whisper.

I cant stop the ditzy smile appearing on my lips as I look at her. "I'm ready now. All problems sorted" I laugh.

"This" she snaps waving the packet in front of me. "Isnt a way to sort your problems. No matter what you think. God, these are drugs, Ash" Natalie ends up whispering. Her arms fold round her stomach the packet slipping from her fingers to the floor. "Is this why you didnt show up? You were doing drugs?"

"No" I say still smiling. "I was thinking of Stacey"

Natalie pales. "You.... You were thinking about your dead sister. Oh gosh, Ash, I'm so sorry. I had been so angry" she whispers reaching out to lay a hand on my arm. Then she yanks it back. "Why couldnt you of told me?"

I point at the packet and laugh when she narrows her eyes at it. "Your expression is funny when its like that"

"This isnt funny, Ash" she snaps. "I know the doctor gave them to help you but.... you shouldnt need to take them"

"How do you know?" I hiccup. "You dont have a dead sister"

"I was abused for years by my boyfriend and I'm getting through it" she whispers then looks at me. "A little thanks to you in fact"

"I can't deal when I dont have those" I smile. Natalie picks the packet up and glares at it. While I wait for what she's going to do.

The End

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