Natalie Brooks - Seeking Answers

I woke up the next morning feeling empty and numb. I still didn't know how to feel about the fact that Ash had been a no-show for the date. He was the one who'd asked me out, who wanted to spend time with me. Yet the fact that he hadn't showed up formed doubts in my mind. Was he trying to get back at me for pushing him away? Or was something had gone wrong on his side?

The more time I spent thinking, the more lost I got with no answers coming to me. After breakfast, I spent my time in the bar near the pool, lounging about and waiting in hopes of him coming around.

I felt like I was being watched and occasionally, I looked up towards his room balcony but didn't see him there. This was ridiculous...why would Ash ditch me? I'm sure he didn't mean to and I felt certain that he'd have a good reason for doing so.

"Would you like any more to drink ma'am?" I turned away from the direction of his room shortly to answer the bartender's question. I shook my head, glancing at the three empty glasses of light vodka that I'd drunk.

"No thank you," I said. My gaze flickered once more to his balcony and this time I could have sworn I saw a wisp of blonde hair, reflecting off the glass panes of the balcony windows.

He's inside his room!

For some reason, that made me jump into action. Slipping off the surface of the stool, I grabbed my keys from the counter and headed down the hall and towards the elevator. Once inside, I jammed impatiently at the button as the elevator jerked to life, going upwards.

I wasn't upset. I wasn't angry. But I wanted answers for why he did what he did. He'd been there for me. And maybe he needed me now. But first I had to know what caused all of this.

The elevator door slid open and I walked towards his room which was on the far end of the hall. I brought up my hand which was curled into a tight fist to knock on his door but then stopped myself at the last second. He wouldn't open the door anyways. Ash was avoiding me, that much was clear.

So instead, I carefully slid my hand around the door handle and pushed down on it. To my surprise the door opened.

And I guess wasn't the only one who was a little shocked by my sudden visit. Ash was sat on the chair, a watter bottle in his hand and at the sound of the slight creak of the door, his head whipped towards my direction.

When he saw me, his eyes widened.


The End

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