Natalie Brooks - Stood Up

I am not jealous. I am not jealous.

I continued repeating this in my head as I looked through the variety of dresses I'd brought for this vacation. I finally picked out one of Ash's favorites, a green spaghetti strapped gown that reached down till my knees. It brought out the emerald in my eyes and I'd remembered him complimenting me about that.

Smiling, I looked at myself in the mirror, satisfied with what I saw. The dress hugged my slim yet curvy figure, but not in an overly sexy manner. It was appropriate and decent enough for a first date. My brown hair was also let down, reaching till my waist.

I still couldn't believe I was doing this. I'd promised myself to be careful and I had been yet going on this date after such a long time of avoiding one felt strangely exciting. The smile didn't leave my face as I exited the room and headed towards the foyer, where Ash and I had agreed to meet.

But yet, at time ticked on, I didn't see him anywhere. I looked around, my eyes searching the place to only feel disappointment start to grow in the bottom pits of my stomach as he didn't appear in front of me.

I waited for a long time. Ten then fifteen then thirty minutes. Still, a no-show. I pushed aside the hurt feelings and walked up to his room, taking the elevator and considering the possibilites of what had happened. Maybe he'd just fallen sick. Or...or something else had happened like, what?

I shoved my suspicions as I knocked on his door. Yet, standing there and knocking for five minutes, it didn't open. Maybe he'd gone down stairs to search for me? I went back but still didn't see him.

I finally gave up and retreated to my room. What was going on?

The End

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