Natalie Brooks - Jealous?

Ash handed me my drink and I smiled at him, saying, "Thanks." I wanted to say more but I don't even know what it is that I wanted to say. I looked up at Ash who was smiling at me, expectant and waiting for the rest. I didn't want to have a serious conversation, one of those tear-jerking emotional ones cause that's mostly what Ash and I have had. We never really had fun.

I took a sip out of my Coke, swallowing a little too quickly as I felt the fizz of the drink burn its way down my throat. Wincing slightly, I turned around on my chair to face him completely.

"You know," I started, wondering if I was doing the right thing paying him this compliment, "if I had met you before Adam, I probably would have fallen for your boyish charms."

Ash grinned, the remaining tension from our little encounter vanishing completely off his face. "Really?" He asked, his voice playful as he took a sip out of his glass and I nodded, trying to look serious as doubt crossed his face.

"I'm serious Ash."

"Which part of my boyish charms is it?" He asked, the grin still not going off his face.

"Hmm well..." I tilted my head to the right and twirled my finger through one of my brown curls. My eyes flickered from Ash's stormy blue ones, meeting the face of the Spanish woman from before who was still looking at us, more specifically at Ash. My brows mashed together in frustration and I looked away, turning my head sharply back to face the counter I was leaning on.

"What is it?"

Ash asked, concerned. He could sense the change in the flirty atmosphere I'd somehow managed to create, looking over his shoulder and acknowledging the problem.

I expected him to comfort me like he had last time, reassuring me once more. But as he leaned forward, cupping my chin and tilting my head upwards to see my face, I saw pure happiness in his eyes as if he'd achieved something.

"Well, well. Looks like someone's jealous," he teased me.

Is that what I am?

The End

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