Ash Richards - Date

"Go out?" Natalie said with wide eyes. "Y-you mean l-like a date?" she stuttered and a blush came to her cheeks. She looked so incredibly cute. I stroked her cheek with my thumb and trailed my hand down her neck watching her blush brighten.

"Yes, sweet Natalie" I whisper. "Let me take you into the city"

I watch as she bites her lip looking as nervous as hell. Yet the way she twirls a strand of hair round her finger and looks up at me from beneath her eyelashes makes my heart skip several beats. Pounding like horses hooves on firm ground. "I guess" she says it uncertainly but I smile brightly. I take her hand in mine brushing my thumb over the back of her hand.

"Tonight?" I ask.

"Sure. Um, meet at 8 o'clock and catch a cab?" she says seeming to warm to the idea of spending time with me. I smile back and wrap my arms round her waist ignoring her squirm. Well, at first I do and then an image of that monster and Stacey flashes in my mind.

"Deffinetly, wanna go grab a drink by the pool before lunch?" I ask releasing her waist and shoving my hands in my pockets. Natalie notices and bites her lower lip but smiles instead of inquiring.

"Okay" she says quietly and takes my hand sheepishly. My eyes widen but I smile at her with a wink. She blushes and I grip her hand tightly when she begins to shift away. I feel my heart begin to ache slightly as Stacey enters my mind. How must she of felt when that man had forced himself on her. Am I doing the right thing?

I look across at Natalie who walks her hand griping mine like a child would cling to their fathers hand when they're scared. I feel guilt and a bit of disapointment wash over me but shake it out of my head and keep walking. We reach the bar and take a seat at a small metal table beneath a parasol.

"Drink?" I ask her.

"Um, coke please" she says with a shy smile looking someday behind me. I look and see the tour guide who is watching me like a hungry cat.

"Don't worry" I say to Natalie going to get her coke and my beer. The guide walks up to take the bar stool next to where I'm stood and I ignore her.

"Little miss English forgive you then?" she says her voice thick with spite. I turn on her with angry eyes.

"Look what ever you think is between us it's not" I snap and turn and walk off with the drinks. Natalie looks up when I approach. I sit down putting her drink in front of her. I take her hand.

"Thank you" Natalie says looking like she wants to say more so I wait for the rest.

The End

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