Natalie Brooks - Forgiving Him

I didn't realize how much it would hurt to see Ash pressed up against the wall by another woman practically trying to seduce him until I was there. All I'd wanted was to have a pleasent breakfast meal with him today morning, nothing more. If he wanted her that much, he could have her. But couldn't he save his desire for some other time when I'm not there to see it?

I turned my back on him, making my way fast to my room. The appetite, the hunger that had been killing me and not just for food but for spending time with him had vanished the moment I saw him pinned up against the wall. This only showed to me and to him that I cared a lot. And for the first time, as the tears started to flow down my cheeks, I was beginning to understand how much Ash mattered to me.

I was about to open the door to my room when I felt him catch up to me, and I glared up at him through my tears. "How could you?" It didn't come out as strong as I'd wanted to, instead a mere whisper giving away the hurt I felt inside.

"I didn't do anything Nats." He took his trembling hands in mine, squeezing them gently as he looked into my eyes, reflecting my own teary ones. I looked away, wanting to avoid falling into an obvious lie but I couldn't be sure of it. Maybe I just didn't want to risk getting hurt again. He lifted my chin, tilting it up to look back at him. "I'm being honest, Nats."

"How do I know?" I said bitterly. "You could be meeting her behind my back. You could-" He brought his mouth down on mine but I pushed him away immediately, feeling my lips tingle. He only pulled me back to him, back into a hug as his arms wrapped around me. "You can push me away over, and over again. I'm not letting you go, Nats."

"Nats?" I looked up at him, feeling slightly confused. Was that his new nickname for me? A familiar smile crossed his face as he reached out and placed back a stray strand of my dark hair. He kissed my forehead lightly and I winced at the contact but he ignored it.

"Yes gorgeous, lovely Natalie. Please, please believe me."

I sighed, and took a step back but Ash never let go of me, his hands still interlaced with mine. I wiped the last tear and gave him a wobbly smile. "Alright. I will. But if I ever see you with her again, I will-"

He covered my mouth with his palm, grinning. "I get the point. Besides, I owe you a better apology. What do you think about going out together?"

The End

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