Ash Richards - Cornered

I showered and soon slipped into a pair of shorts and a shirt that hugged my muscular figure. As I left the room I felt myself feeling skittished. Is was like I was being watched then the tour guide stepped out of the shadows. "Hello" she whispers flirtatiously. I stop a safe distance away but she begins to stalk towards me.

Then soon has me pressed up to a wall and lets her body wrap around mine. "Get off" I whisper looking away as she tries to kiss me.

"Oh come on. You know you want to" she whispers biting my jaw. I try and push her off without hurting her but her grip on me is tighten. Then when I struggle she digs her nails into my skin. I stop gritting my teeth.

"No, I don't" I snap trying to push her off.

"Ash..." I look up to see Natalie standing frozen her eyes wide. The spanish women presses herself closer to me and I turn to glare at her.

"Get off" I snap at the tour guide. I notice Natalie backing away in the corner of my eye. I look at her with wide begging eyes. "Natalie, don't go"

She shakes her head running off. I shove the women off with a hard push leaving her staring in shock. I dont wait though racing after Natalie who I catch up with at the door to her room. "How could you?" she whispers crying.

"I didnt do anything, Nats"  I whisper taking her hands in mine and looking at her with honest eyes. She avoids eye contact and I put a finger beneath her chin lifting her face up so she has to look at me. "I'm being honest, Nats"

"How do I know?" she whispers. "You could be meeting her behind my back. You could-" I cut her off with a kiss and Natalie shoves me away but I just pull her back into my arms.

"You can push me away over and over again. I'm not letting you go, Nats"

"Nats?" she whispers confused. I smile down at her pushing back a strand of her hair. I kiss her forehead and feel her tense for the time my lips touch her skin.

"Yes, gorgeous lovely Natalie" I whisper pulling her tightly to my chest. "Please, Please believe me"

The End

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