Ash Richards - The truth

It was out there hanging in the air like a thick smokey fog. One that you'd breath in and cause you to cough and splutter with tears slipping out of you're eyes. The honesty was overwhelming as well. I had been careful all day and it seemed it had come across to Natalie as an anger or dislike of some sort.

Then the fact Natalie was scared of me. I could barely comprehend the thought of someone else even touching her in a violent manor never mind myself. I closed my eyes letting my head drop slightly. I swear I could hear Natalie's heart pounding in her chest. She was waiting for my reaction. How could I react? This girl was scared of me and just the knowledge made me feel horrible. Even though I never would just the fact she felt that way made me taste bile in my throat.

"You dont need to be scared" I whisper slowly opening my eyes and staring at my hands which tightly grip the fountain wall. I release my grip taking a deep breath and pushing a hand back through my hair. "I'm shocked more than anything. Yes, you lied but... that doesnt make you a bad person"

I hadnt been telling her the full truth so I couldnt be angry at her. In fact I was avoiding the truth building a thick wall around the part of my soul that was crumbling under the weight of guilt and pain.

"Y-you're really not mad?" she stuttered looking at me with wide eyes. I look across her and reach out to stroke her cheek. I let my fingers run across her skin softly causing her to shiver. Her eyes flashed fear... from her own reaction partly which made me frown and the rest was a fear of me that made me feel hugely regected.

I yank my hand away looking away at my feet. "No, I'm not and I wont push you. I may be a bit of a charmer but I'm also a gentleman" I say looking up at her with eyes so filled with honesty it causes her to blink trying to take it all in.

"Wait.... you're saying you'll wait for me?" she says dumbfounded. I nod getting to my feet.

"For a reasonable amount of time, yes" I say with a nod shoving my hands into my pocket. I jerk my head to a restaurant behind me. "Wanna grab something to eat with me?"

"Sure" Natalie whispered in a daze getting to her feet and with that we made our way over a friendly, yet buzing, distance between us.

The End

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