Ash Richards - Biggest Idiot in Spain

I felt like an idiot. No, not just an idiot the biggest idiot in the world... well, maybe that was taking it too far. The biggest idiot in Spain. Yeah, that could be about right. I thought she was giving me the sighs.

She was giving me all the sighs but... it was like she was scared of something. When she had looked at me it had not been at me. It had been straight through me. Something else... her past maybe? I know that frightened me but... wait, what was I doing? I couldn't become responsible of someone. I'd let one person I adored down.. could I cope if it happened again or would I end up like my dad? A messed up drunk.

I was glad for this tour of the town though. It would let me get away from things. So here I stood now. Glasses on resting against the warm metal of the coach we were about to get on. Thats when I saw her. Natalie.

I couldnt stop my eyes from following her and when she saw me she didnt join me. No, she went straight to the back of the que. Then everyone got on and when Natalie got on she squirmed because their was only one seat left. Next to me. Eventually she sat down huddling her bag in her lap.

For a few moments I didnt speak to her. Then finally I did. "I'm sorry about yesterday" I mutter. She still doesnt look at me. "You obviously dont like me in that way"

She bite her lip and looked at me. I couldnt see her eyes behind those glasses. I couldnt see the emotions clear in her eyes like I normally did. "Its okay but-"

"Good, friends?" I held out my hands. I interupted her cause I didnt want disapointment. I couldnt cope if she'd said something to make me hope. Maybe I'd got it wrong and she does like me. For her to give me some reason to try again. Natalie reach out and shook my hand with a smile.


The End

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