Natalie Brooks - Discomfort

My eyes snapped open in shock the moment I felt something soft press against my lips. What the hell is that?! It took me a while for the shock to sink in with Ash in front of me, his mouth descending on mine. It was hard for me to pull back, with my back already against the grass.

Instead, I decided to push him away but just as my hands gripped the front of his t-shirt, he moved away. I stared at him, and then at my hands on his chest and immediately let go. But Ash took it the wrong way, thinking I liked what was going on. He leaned forward, pinning me to the ground as he continued kissing me.

I made no effort to hide the discomfort as I squirmed underneath him, trying to escape from this.

"Ash," I murmured, turning my head so he would no longer be kissing me. "Please, stop."

And he did at once, letting go of me and rolling away to find his own patch on the grass. I stared at the blue sky above, feeling the water lap over my feet but that didn't soothe my heart which felt to be pounding furiously against my chest and not in a good way.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, before standing up and walking back to the hotel, not looking back once.


I avoided any place where I could bump into him the rest of the day. Refusing to come out of my room, I made orders for lunch and dinner through room service. My plans for touring Madrid had been tossed out the window the moment I realised how uncomfortable I felt with the idea of running into Ash again.

It would be like the times I had with Adam, when we would just meet coincidentally and have our awkward conversation; more of it coming from my side. But with Ash, it would be much more than just that. Because he didn't force himself onto me like Adam did.

Tearing my eyes away from the television screen, I turned it off, groaning inside. Why was I always the victim of these things? It just seemed like all the bad karma in the universe was attracted to me.

Just as I thought that, the hotel phone on my bedside table rang. I reached over for it, wondering who it might be. Maybe it's room-service, after all, ice-cream had been in popular demand the whole of today. But it wasn't.

"Hi, we're calling from the reception. We'd like to make you aware of our touring trip that we're more than happy to take our customers on."

"What touring trip?" I muttered, uninterested.

"Around Madrid. It's a free service for the tourists living here."

That definetely got me. I needed to get away from all this. And what better, than being literally distanced from the old devil itself?

The End

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