Ash Richards - Sorry

"Hi" I said quietly.

"Hey" she replied sitting down with a small plate of food. I looked at it with slight disgust then stopped myself. I cant be picky here.

"About yesterday.."

"Don't worry about it" she jumps in push a strand of hair behind her ear then twirling the tip. I look up into her olive green eyes seeing the uncomfortable edge.

"I'm sorry. You obviously werent comfortable with me coming in. I apologize" I tell her calmly picking up my glass of water taking a sip.

"It was okay. I guess I just wasnt expecting it" she says folding one leg over the other which makes her leg brush against mine beneath the table. I catch my breath and she notices drawing her leg back slowly. I look at my hand clenching the glass and cough.

"I'll go get my food" I mutter and head off. I get together a small pile of food and come to sit back down. I find Natalie already half way through her food and I sit down. When I sit her legs move to sit between mine touching the inner calfs of my legs.

I draw in a deep breath and let it out slowly. As I eat I can feel Natalie watching me even when she's finished. Once I've finished I look at her with a cheeky little smile knowing an underlined current of desire will rest in my eyes.

"Do you wanna go for a walk?" I ask.

"Sure" she says. We get up and decide to walk down to the river running next to the hotel. We walk in silence and I notice Natalie taking in the surroundings. The towering palm trees and the feel of the warm spainish air. At some point I take her hand. She looks at it with confusion and looks a bit held back.

Once we reach the beach she calms down. "Um, you wanna sit down?" I ask. She nods and we sit near the edge of the river on the grass bank. We take off our shoes and dip our toes in the water.

"Hmm, this feels nice" Natalie hums. I turn my head to look at her. Her head is rested back and her eyes close. So I take it. I take the chance. I lean over and kiss her softly. So soft and gentle almost like she would break.

The End

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