Natalie Brooks - Breakfast Surprise

I waited till I heard the  sound of the door coming to a close with a soft click before stepping out of the bathroom, limping. I'd tripped the corner of the bathtub that dented out, falling face down on the floor and dropping the toiletry bag that I had in my hand.

Adam called. That was the one thing that stuck in my mind as I made my way out towards the front door, locking it. Leaning back against the door, I sighed in frustration, running my hands through my hair.

How did he find me? Staring at the small black phone on the table counter, I slowly approached it, feeling myself tremble. Stop! Just relax, alright? Taking a deep breath, I picked it up and stared at the screen.

"Missed call: <3 Adam <3"

I turned over the phone to its back, and took off the outer covering. Taking out the SIM card, I discarded it into the trash basket near me. Of course, the SIM I used was recognized internationally and in many countries. It was my old number and that's how he reached me. All I would have to do is get a new one and he wouldn't be able to trace me again.

It seemed an easy solution to the dilemma that had popped up and though too simple, it was reassuring. I felt myself relax slightly, my tense shoulders slumping down into a lazy posture.

Smiling, I fell back against the bed. This would be my vacation. I controlled the odds of anything happening to me. And if anything from my 'past life' comes back again, all I'll have to do is leave it behind.


The rays of the sun pierced my eyelids and I felt myself groan, my eyes fluttering open. Squinting, it took me a while to adjust to the light around me but eventually, I could make out the outlines of the curtains being wide open. I forgot to close them last night.

Turning over, I looked at the clock on my bed side table and groaned once more. It displayed 8:OO A.M. Why did I have to wake up so early? But now that I'd opened my eyes, I couldn't go back to sleep no matter how much I tried.

Getting out of bed, I headed for the shower and freshened myself up. Looking through my suitcase, which I hadn't unpacked yet, I decided to settle for black skinny jeans and a white full-sleeve t-shirt. Pretty casual wear, and nothing too flashy. Shrugging at my reflection, I grabbed my purse and room-card, heading out.

And as I'd expected: no one was there in the restaurant. At least no one interesting. Sighing, I set down my purse and room key on a table and then grabbed a plate, starting to go around the buffet, taking a few scoops and spoons out of anything I saw that looked slightly delicious.

It was after I'd taken my 'tour' and turned around to head back to my table did I notice someone was already sitting there. Ash waved at me, grinning and I forced a smile onto my face, walking back to him.

I wonder what was going to happen now.

The End

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