Ash Richards - Once unsure get out

I dont know why I began to panic as I sat on the edge of the bed in Natalie's hotel room. "One sec" she said slipping into the bathroom leaving me alone.

Why was I freaking out so much? Why was she freaking out so much? She'd been flirting with me the entire night but maybe... maybe it was harmless flirting. Maybe I should of just kissed her on the cheek and gone back to my own room.

To be honest I'd done all this before. Entering a girls room and... well, things went how they do. I looked round the room seeing her unpacked suitcase just shoved up to a wall on the floor wide open. Then a bepping went off and I looked at Natalies bag which she'd put down before going to the toilet. I went over digging out her phone before knocking on the bathroom door.

"Natalie?" I called.

"Y-yes?" she stammered.

"Your phone went off is all" I reply feeling a bit guilty. I looked at the phone screen. "Its from a guy called Adam"

Everything went silent and I could swear I heard something crash to the ground. Then a slight whimper. "Natalie?"

"Its okay. J-just put it on the table" she stuttered with fear.

"Okay, um, look. I'm gonna go. You seem quite uncomfortable" I say calmly. "G'night Natalie"

The End

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