Natalie Brooks - Never Before

Being around Ash was starting to become more difficult than I'd thought it would. He was able to see through everything I put on, every act I depended on and every protective wall I raised for myself. He could see the fear in my eyes, the second thoughs behind every movement. And now that he'd found out about the bruise, I'm sure he was coming up with his own theories for my life story.

Flirting had never been something I could do. I'd always stumble halfway, stutter, grow red and act completely stupid in front of the guy I tried to impress. But it was easy for the new Natalie to do it.

When we finished our hot chocalates, we started to walk back to the hotel and I found myself reaching out to hold Ash's hand, occasionally trailing my own across his arm. He would eye me, suspicion heavy in his eyes but remain quiet and go along with whatever I did.

By the time we'd reached my room, I'd used everything on him, all the possible moves I'd learnt from my friends back home. And he hadn't shown any sign of disliking yet. So things were giong well for Natalie number two. I guess it was when he reciprocated towards me that I started to reconsider what I'd done.

"Thanks Ash," I said, giving him a smile, "Tonight was great. Sorry if I ruined it halfway. Have a good night though."

On the inside, I didn't want to hear anything from him and just wanted to go back inside and get a good night's sleep. So when he flashed his pearly white teeth at me, grinning and leaning in a little bit, my mind started panicking.

"You flirted with me all night long, and now you're not inviting me in?"

It took me a moment to understand what he meant as I stood under his gaze, feeling slightly awkward. What now...?

"You want to...come in?" I asked , making sure I'd heard the right thing. He nodded and grinned, taking hold of my hand once more. I bit down on my lower lip, feeling slightly unsure. If I did go by his wish, where would this lead?

Shaking those thoughts out my head, I smiled at him, and swiped my room card through the slot. It beeped, signalling green and I opened the door with the cool air inviting us in.

"Sure. Make yourself at home."

The End

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