Ash Richards - Cup of Hot Chocolate

I didnt really know where Natalie had wanted to go when she asked to leave so I took her to the little coffee shop right next to the hotel. She sat legs tucked under her on one of the very comfy chairs and I sat opposite. She was fiddling with her hair and seeming to be slowly taking deep breaths to calm herself.

"I guess the bruise isnt just on your leg then" I said about to drink when she looked up with fear causing me to stop. It looked like she thought she'd been caught in the middle of an act anf I tilted my head confused. She shook her head and settled down.

"Sorry, its just.... I dont like remembering the accident" she whispered. We're both on the same card, I thought stopping the words from passing my lips with a sip of my drink.

"What happened?"

"My friend... drove while he was drunk" she winced and I stopped seeing the fear and pain in her eyes.

"Did he survive?"

"What?" she looked up confused.

"You're friend. Did he survive?" I repeat.

"Oh, yeah, he... he survived alright" she whispered wrapping one arm round her stomach reaching for her cup with the other. She took a tentitive sip and I couldnt help but watch her every movement. She fasinated me.

I was no longer comparing her to Stacey... but she was beautiful. Not in a model way but a natural way. Sort of like the sweet girl next door you'd have a crush on. "Are you okay?" I reached out pushing a strand of hair back behind her ear.

I saw her shake slightly but stop it. I didnt know how to take it since it seemed like a fear of something that scared her often. So I pulled back and she looked up at me from beneath her eyelashes smiling flirtaciously making me smile back. "Sorry, I cut the party short" she said twirling a strand of hair round her finger.

"No biggie" I said and we fell into silence drinking our hot chocolates till it was time for me to walk her back to her room.

The End

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