Ash Richards - The Old Me

I turned around and gasped. This girl was suprisingly beautiful. Her eyes were showing clearly with no hidden fear behind them. They were the most beautiful green you could ever find. I found myself smiling slowly the old me making its appearance again. "Well hello" I said standing up taking her hand in mine and kissing the knuckle.

She blushed and then twirled a strand of hair around her finger looking at me with wide eyes. "So, this is the party you were on about? I was expecting something more club like"

"Well, that is usually my scene but I thought this would be more you taste" I lead her over to a table and she follows. I notice every move of her legs. Thats when I see one, a small bruise on the outside of her left leg close to her hip. I stop paling with horror. Thats no little bump. "Whats that?" I can only whisper.

She follows my gaze to her leg and leg go off my hand. She pulls her dress down self conciously. "I got in an accident" she says rolling her eyes. "I'm clumsy alot"

I dont believe it for a second but I laugh. "A little girl like you shouldnt be mucking around to get such a bruise" I flirt. I swear she flinches but she then looks up at me from beneath her eyelashes. The world stops, no, it goes silent. I find myself beginning to crumble.

She looks so much like her... Stacey. Is this would be how she would look. I swallow down my pain. "I'll get us some drinks" I say leaving her at the table having not heard anything she had been saying for the past few minutes. She frowned as I left but it didnt matter.

I needed to catch my breath. Why did she look like her? It was her small peach shaped face and bright green eyes that were like my sister. Everything else was completely different. I look back over my shoulder from the bar. She looked up and smiled.

No, she wasnt Stacey. I need to get that into my thick skull. I need to let myself take a break. Stacey.... she wouldnt want me like this. So for her I need to move on.

The End

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