Natalie Brooks - Chain Reactions

That night started the series of chain reactions between Adam and I. All because of a single party which I refused to go to. We'd been going out for three months, and I still felt completely thrilled whenever he kissed me or took hold of my hand. The fire between us never died down, only consuming us more with every second that passed...or so it seemed.

I'd never liked parties; the crowd, the loud music, the drinks. It always seemed too much for me, too crazy to deal with. I didn't want to be one of those girls who 'accidentally' drink too much and find themselves knocked up the next month. It was too something that was treated as normal these days, but my parents had always made sure I would never cross the line. And so I made sure I didn't. I never want to a party unless I knew the person holding it very well. I was taking all the precautions. But it wasn't good enough for Adam.

It was his best friends' birthday bash. And he would be throwing a hell of a party and he wanted me to go with him. But I knew it would be one of 'those' types, since his best friend is a jock and pretty obnoxious one at that. News also reached me that his parents had gone out of town and so he'd be making sure to 'liven it up'. I told Adam I didn't want to go because of all that but he convinced me he'd take care of me there. And so I gave into his lies, allowing him to drag me into the new environment and it was as I'd expected.

I didn't think that Adam would take a large amount of vodka. He'd disappeared into the crowd and it took me a long time to find him. When I did, he was wedged between two pretty revealingly dressed girls, dancing. I didn't like it one bit, and so when I told him how I felt...he struck me.

Taking a deep breath, I sat back down on the bed. I'd been striding up and down the room, considering whether or not I should go downstairs where the party would be held.

The guy I'd seen before - Ash - he'd invited me but I wasn't sure whether to go or not. What if something happened? I shook my head at the thought. Nothing would, as long as I'm careful. Without starting another argument in my mind, I quickly stood up and got changed into a spaghetti-strapped moss green short dress that brought out the color of my eyes. Giving my hair a quick comb, I let it down and walked out the room and towards the elevator.

Within a matter of seconds, I was downstairs. I could hear music playing from outside, and slowly I approached the pool area. The party wasn't what I'd thought it would be. It was a cocktail party, simple and safe. Letting go of the breath I'd held, my eyes scanned the room looking for one familiar face.

He was sitting near the bar, his back towards me but I approached him slowly. Then tapping his shoulder lightly, I put on a smile and waited for him to turn around.

The End

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