Ash Richards - Natalie....

This Natalie seemed very... well, different. The moment I first spoke to her she seemed to tense. Then suddenly relax falling into a sort of flow. It made me relax which felt very strange considering I hadnt done so in a long long while.

"Yes, I am" I reply with a strong smile. "I dont really go on holiday. I usually stay at home and party with my mate"

What was I doing? Why was I lying to her? That wasnt me anymore that was the old me. The old me who didnt have a care in the world except for his sister. I hung out at nightclubs had a new girl in my room every night but I would always be there for my sister. She and my best mate were the two people I would be there for. I hadnt spoken to Danes in a while. Maybe I should call him and apologize.

Tell him I'm getting better and taking time off in Madrid. "Party, huh?" Natalie replied lifting her glassed from her eyes for a moment just to get a glimpse of her olive green eyes. Even from that quick glimpse I could see the fear. Who was she scared of? Me?

I couldnt blame her if she was. I mean Danes use to tell me I could be very intimidating when I wanted to be and look at this girl. So fragile. Of course she'd be scared of me.

"Maybe you'd like to join me?" I find this old version of me saying. To be honest I dont know if I'm in control anymore.

"Maybe" she said standing up grabbing her towel and walking off. Such a cheeky motion. A motion that made me want to run after her and chase her as far as I could go. She oozed confidence as she walked off but I couldnt get that hidden look of fear in her eyes out of my head.

The End

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