Ash Richards - Too much regret....

I don't know if coming to Madrid was a good idea. Heck, I ended up in some sleazy hotel which barely deserved a 3 star rating. I found myself taking a permanent seat at the bar letting the vodka burn my throat as I down my first shot. I'd been drinking water up until then. What was I doing here? I obviously can't out run the guilt it clings to my skin following me like a shadow.

Stacey would love it here. The thought almost made me cry but instead I downed my second shot. That's when I saw her. She seemed almost timid as she reached the pool in her one piece costume. It barely showed an inch of skin. For a moment I thought she was Stacey and then reality hit. I looked away but couldn't help sneaking glances.

She was beautiful. Her wavy brown hair looked like chocolate and I couldn't stop looking at her smooth skin. She didn't have long legs but they were thin and some for other girls to be jealous off.

Then I shouted at myself. What am I doing? I can't start getting a crush on someone when I'm in this state. Or... Could I? Could this be what I needed to escape the guilt? A crazy distraction like love. I got off the bar stool heading to my room. I won't start now but... A distraction... Someway to pretend to be someone I'm not. Pretend..... Escape......

The End

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