Natalie Brooks - Settling In

"I'd like a single room please," I said. The flight had been a long one and I was exhausted. The first thing I wanted to do was get a good night sleep before I started touring Madrid or having a good look around. I wasn't planning on staying in Madrid for long, as I wanted to go around the whole country; being on the move. So the hotel I'm now checking into is a pretty small one, not like the holiday resorts I'd always imaginined myself going to on a vacation.

The receptionist handed me a key, snapping his fingers at a bellboy nearby to help me transport the baggage. Giving him a forced smile, I headed towards the elevator, opening it and jamming at the button, feeling slightly irritated. It took a few minutes to settle down into the room, after sorting my baggage and getting dressed into night clothes. Slipping underneath the covers, I closed my eyes and fell asleep; hoping not to wake up the next morning because of a nightmare.


I didn't have much of an appetite the next morning, as I had the 'most important meal of the day' in the restaurant.

What am I going to do? My mind was fixed on that one question as I picked at the food, lost in thought. Now that I'm here, all I can think of is going back home. It just didn't feel right now...maybe I shouldn't have left? I shook my head at the thought. No, I was diong the right thing.

With a sigh, I got up and tipped the waiter, going back towards my room. A visit to the pool might help clear my mind.

The End

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