Ash Richards

I never thought I'd have to live without my darling little 14 year old sister. Until the day I made the most dreadful mistake of my life. I should have never left her side. I regret that action to this day. It's my fault she got taken. It's my fault she died and having to sit in this court room watching the twisted man on the stand plead for mercy made me grind my teeth.

He was asking for mercy. He doesn't deserve mercy. My mother sat next to me cradled in my fathers arms crying her eyes out. Then the murderer spoke those dreaded words and as he did he turned to look at me. "I should never of harmed that poor girl"

Girl?!? She wasn't just a girl she was my sister. My baby sister who you murdered. I felt like screaming the words but instead settled for storming out of the court room.


In my opinion a life scentence in prison wasn't enough for that little piece of filth that killed my sister but that's all he got and all the law would give him. I really wish I could of tortured that wretch like he did my sister. I saw the body... It wasn't only mangled but parts her body were stripped of skin. It made me throw up almost immediately into the bin in the morgue corridor.

It made me feel sick to the bone at what he'd done to her. That's why I was so pissed off he got to live. He got to live while my sister lay dead in her coffin. The thought made tears pour from my eyes and every night I cried myself to sleep waking up from the guilt filled nightmares a mere hour after I closed my eyes.

My parents were worried. Especially when I ended up friendless after I punched my best mate after he tried to calm me down the night after the monsters scentence was revealed. He was the only friend I had left after my sister died. Stacey..... Th-that was her name. I see her face every second of the day even when I sleep. I can't help it. It was my fault it was all my flipping fault.

The End

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