Eric: Walking blind

I put Mystry to sleep. I felt her lack in thoughts fall and she fell into a peaceful sleep. So peaceful I felt myself wanting to go to sleep with her.

"Which way?" I call.

"Left then forward, but be careful" AJ shouts. I nod and force all of the Shadows to protect Mystry. Then I take a step left and walk forward.

The tension in my muscles begins to make them ache and this doesn't help my consentration cause I feel something slice my leg. I wince but keep walking and I hear AJ's sharp intake of breath.

A few Shadow go to the cut and I realise its close to my other one. What a coincidence? I hate this camp at the moment putting aside the fact of Mystry.

So gentle.... so innocent. Am I changing her? I mean. I've never been a golden soul like she claims I am but.... What about her soul?

Will my past deeds effect hers? Yes... Yes, they will. Maybe, me and her are a mistake. I can't change someone I care about as dark as me. No matter how much I need her.

It hurts to say it but... as soon as this is over and she wakes up.... I'm going to have to tell her. But will I be able to. Will I be able to let go? And will she let me?

Something tells me not without a fight. I feel something cut my arm and once again Shadows fill it. Then suddenly as quickly as it disapeared... my eyesights back and I see AJ whose looking at my wounds worried.

"Lets just get out of here" I mutter marching towards the door. She nods and runs ahead. The light of the sun when we step out hurts my eyes slightly but they adjust for me to see enough.

"Of to the infirmary in the main house" Sasha commands. I nod then head towards it silent. I look down at Mystry.... so innocent....

The End

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