Eric: Blood as a key

I flick my hand again and the shadows bring up some of the monsters blood. I put it too the door and it cracks open. Then I look down at team 3 and 4 below. "You're gonna have to get up to the door yourself sorry" I call down. AJ lands next to me and we move through the door.

Mystry quickly runs back. "Also the ice will crack quite soon" She yell then she comes back and takes my hand. The door that we opened slams shut.

We end up walking along a very long tunnel which seems to be heading up. Then we reach a set of tunnels. Above each is carved a number. AJ begins to head for one but I put my arm out. "Wait" I mutter. I flick shadows down each tunnel. "The one that doesn't come back got out"

Suddenly Shadows rush back from every tunnel except three. "That one then" AJ says and begins down it. Mystry and I follow but at a much slower pace.

"Be slow AJ" I whisper. Suddenly the Shadows around me begin to panic. "Stop! Something's wrong!"

AJ stops and turns to face me. I lower my head and close my eyes consentrating on the worried whispers of the Shadows. I look up and look between Mystry and AJ. "They say in the next test.... We're going blind" I whisper.

As soon as I say the words I can't see anything but I still feel Mystry's hand on mine. "I can't see" she whispers.

"I can" AJ mutters.

"Its a trust test.... where are you?" I ask.

"Across a whole lot of spikes from you... and the door to the tunnel has shut" AJ calls.


The End

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