Aliah: Y'know I really used to like dogs

As soon as that thing appeared from the hole I had too thoughts: man that thing is huge! and crap!

Liam tried to sheild me with his ice powers as I flew above the creature but I had to use my wind so I bust out and made the dog feel what it was like to be a wind whistle. "What I wouldn't give to speak bloomin' dog!"

Just as Liam was about to advance on the thing- mega cringe- team 4 arrived, Marcus immediately getting the dog's attension with a whip with what I can only describe as nuclear draw, it certainly burnt and pissed off the monster though and it soon ran at him.

"Hell no" Liam through a thick wall of ice infront of team 4 and the dog crashed into it, which would have been funny if it wasn't so terrifying.

"Liam, I'm gonna try something stupid and wrecklace to get their attension, Eric I want you to try and attack it with shadows if you can, Mystry, keep safe behind Eric, you look spent, AJ can you transform into some form of bird and help me distract it, Eva and Liam, tell Marcus and his team to attack on my mark, Eva unleash an attack with team 4, now, everyone, go!" I flew higher above the monster and flew to it, making a terrible sound for any dog to hear, I whistled. The dog looked up at me and prepared to jump, I dodged.

Another snap, I missed it's mouth by a centimetre, AJ came to join me then, flying in twirls and spins around the monster to keep it distracted "AJ, focus on the eyes, make it follow, when I land on it's head, join the others"

We flew infron of it's eyes, missing it's mouth and I could feel the stares of all teams, saying one thing: 'what the hell are they doing?' I landed on the dog's head and held on, AJ dissapeared and the dog noticed me, bucking like one of those mechanical bulls you see at parties but never dare go on.  ERIC! Get the shadows to attack his paws, he's got a limp! The creature beneath me growled a hideous sound  and I could tell what the shadows were doing, I flew off it's head as high as I could "NOW!"

I didn't get a chance to see what happened next, but I hought that Liam had changed the plan slightly-which I do not mind- I flew down and met with the others "You know whas funny? I really used to like dogs"

The End

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