We continue on through the cavern. Dodging the odd swinging medival instrument until. Eventually we catch up with team 2 but no team 3 and we carry on with them.

We reached the end and proceed, we pass into another huge cavern. The floor a glistening layer of ice. On it a large dog like creature snarling its snapping jaws lashing at team 3 and 1. Liam stands confidently on the ice. I glittering sword and shield attached to his hands.

I run to Liams side his shield deflecting the large teeth of the weird dog. Long tendrils of nuclear energy unwrapping from my arms. Coiling themselves around each other like a whip.

I lash out the whip hitting the creature in the side and releasing the smell of burning flesh into the underground room. The animal didnt care it lunged towards us. Liam threw a wall of ice in front and the creature thudded into it causing small cracks. From the back shadows were arranging themselves into some sort of attack formation an above Alliah, flying with her angel wings. We were all readying oursleves for the offensive.

The End

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