Liam: Under the Ice


A few steps into the course I find myself already using my agility to save myself from an axe that came up from, above me.

"Are you okay?" Aliah asked concerned.

"I'm fine, but man was that close. I'm going to boost the light on the flashlights so we can see whats coming at us." I say feeling a bit more of my energy slide away from me as our flashlights become as bight as searchlights revealing an easier path on our next right. 

"So are you making more light or just somehow boosting the potential of the flashlight?" Eva asks.

"A bit of both but I probably not boosting the flashlights potential, that would be adding more current to the circuit in the flashlight."

"Can you make light without a source?" Aliah asks.

"Yes but I can only do it for 15 minutes before I pass out. Its not the most useful power I would admit but I have been capable of producing a gamma burst which makes me pass out immediately and sort of make strange bolt things with it,  but using it with my ice power I have managed to make a mirrors and crude illusions."

"huh." She replies just as I hear slip from under her, I quickly jump  to save her from the fall, I do a barrel roll to avoid landing on her as I hit the ground, she looked into my eyes.

 She smiled still on me,"  You know I could have used my wings silly.

"Still scared me." I smiled back our faces a few inches apart.

"Come on lets go." Eva says bring us back to the cave.

"Right." Aliah and I say getting up.

Once we had the rhythm figured out we passed team 2 on a much easier route making great time to the end where we meet, Eric, Annalise, and Mystry.

"We are going to have to fight that thing, aren't we." Eric says not noticing us yet.

"We can help!" I say, getting there attention.

"Where is team  two?" Mystry asks.

"We passed them but I recommend we fight that thing before they get here for the credit."

"Yes but what if you are here to steal the credit?" Eric says but sort of glares at Eva who glares back.

"I'm not sure about you two but I think it would be better if we all helped each other out I mean none of us wants to get injured. So put aside your differences, act mature here so we can get out of here." I say with slight frustration both of there faces stop glaring but I can see they still aren't happy to be in the same place together. Eric walks closer and almost protectively around Mystry. I look at the thin ice covering a pit that surrounded the exit.

"So where is this thing?" Eva,and Aliah ask.

"Down there?" Mystry points at the ice.   I walk on the ice thickening it so I don't fall through, I stand directly over it flashing my flashlight downwards extending the beam.

" Can't see it. If its down there is got good camouflage." I say doubting something was done there.

"Well something is definitely down Mystry can see its Aura."

" Oh." I say plainly. Aliah walks out across.

"The air is moving around down there coming up towards us." She says. The Ice shakes then something crashes into it making it crack, both Aliah dart off the ice.

"Here it comes." Mystry says sounding quite frightened. Bang the ice snaps sounding much like a gun shot as strange oversized dog lands on the ground, it had a look of stone, and had symbols carved onto it with vicious gnashing sets of teeth. It goes to bite at Aliah and I both of us dodging in time missing its gigantic maw by only a few feet. An Ice sword appears in one hand as a shield forms on the others I strike down leaving a scratch but the thing seemed unharmed and became more angry forcing me to jump back out of the of its teeth again. I jumped again landing on the ledge where exit was.

"Any ideas?" I ask, thinking I had only one Idea which was using a gamma burst but I wasn't going to risk my strongest attack with missing and a probability that it will not hurt the thing, which would have me sleeping for hours as well. Aliah try's to fly above the thing as it jumps its teeth almost engulfing her I formed ice around her that the thing couldn't penetrate, It shatters as a vicious wind like force tears through the mouth of the dog Aliah flying to safety by Eva. I guess she could defend herself without my help.

The End

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