Niki: Snakes

I glanced around nervously,

"Like our own personal night light." Cordelia jokes with Marcus, he smiles and says,

"Yeah, useful power."

"Um, so what are we going to do?" I asked nervously, glancing around at the blocked entrance.

"I guess we should get going." Cordelia says.

We start making our way forward, I hear something click and yell,

"Watch out!" Just as an arrow whizzes inches from Cordelia's face, she goes slightly pale,

"Thanks Niki, if you hadn't..." She trailed off, I nodded, knowing she didn't want to think about what nearly happened.

"How are we going to know if there's more of those things?" Marcus says, lifting his hand so that  the light shines around the cave futher,

"I guess we've got to go with reflex." I muttered quietly, I frown down at my arm and watch as it forms into a shield... just in case. We stand in front of the bridge, I step towards the edge and peer down,

"Oh that is sure as hell a long way down." I say quietly, I edge back from the drop and look at the bridge nervously.

"I'll go first," Cordelia says, " I can create a force field now that I know we need one, Marcus goes next, so that we all get the light and Niki goes last to cover us in case anything comes from our blind spot." I nod and follow Marcus across the bridge, I can hear things bounce off Cordelia's force field, and more then once I've hand to put up my shield to stop countless items.

We all stop as we hear someone shout, "Run!" I shake my head and say,

"Keep going, we've got a good routine going." Even though we quicken our pace slightly.

I feel something brush against my leg and stop suddenly, I feel a weight on the tip on my foot, I look down to see a snake looking back up at me. I stifle a scream, unable to say anything. The other's don't notice that I stop and keep going forward, the snake hiss' at me. I watched as it opens it's mouth, I have to do something! I frown at the snake, come on work! I've never tried to change anything that actually moves except me, the snake stiffens slightly and I watch as stone creeps up it's body. Soon a the snake is completely stone, I feel a wave of dizziness come over me and collapse on the ground. My whole body feels heavy, I used to much of my power to change the structure of that snake.

"Niki!" I hear Marcus yell, suddenly a burst of lightning shoots past my face and I turn around to see another snake lying dead behind me. I shudder.

"Hey, Niki are you ok?"Cordelia puts a arm around me and help me stand up. I nod, shaken,

"I... used too much energy." I said panting slightly, I feel my arm turn back to normal.

"I'll... be fine... in a minuet..." I muttered,

"Let's get going." Cordelia gives me a look and says,

"Fine but no more using your power until your ready." I nodded numbly, too tired to protest. Marcus lifted me up,

"Hey, put me down!" I struggle against him as he begins to follow Cordelia,

"No way, you can't defend yourself and you can hardly stand." I glare at him but don't say anything else. We carry on going forward, I can feel myself getting a bit of strength back.

The End

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