Eric: Team up

I sent a shadow across the ice. I heard crackling and sort of winced. "If even Shadows effect it we will have to be quick and careful" I mutter looking at AJ who nods.

"Do Shadows even have weight?" Mystry whispers. I stroke her cheek softly smiling.

"A small mass" I tell her then turn back to the ice. I slowly step on and feel the Shadows pull me up. A small crack of the ice echos through the cavern and I hear Mystry squeal behind me. She probably grabbed hold of AJ's arm as well.

I make it to beneath the door and flick my hand up. Shadows zoom up the wall and soon create a rope. I grab hold on it and don't even need to move as the shadows pass me along and up.

When I get to the ledge I scramble up. Then I crouch and turn to look down at the others. I flick my hand again and almost creat a zip wire down to the others. AJ looks at it twice but Mystry doesn't reaching up with both hands.

The Shadows almost drag her up with speed and they drop her into my arms. By this time AJ has grabbed the Shadow rope and is being hawled up.

She gets to the ledge and sighs heavily. "Guess we won't find out whats down there" She mutters walking up to the door. "Okay, it says 'To enter is to fight, for the blood of hunger will only survice"

"Oh, crap" I mutter pushing a hand back through my hair.

"What?" Mystry asks panicking. I stroke her cheek but look across at AJ to speak.

"We're going to have to fight that thing anyway, aren't we?" I say stroking Mystry's hair now which softens her small sob.

"We can help!" A voice yell up. We all look down to the door to see team 3 standing there and that it was Liam who spoke.

"Where's team 2?" Mystry asked.

"We past them but I'd reccomend we fight that thing down there before they get hear for the credit" Liam says.

The End

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