Misty:Good Team

I chew my bottom lip and look sideways at Spirit, fear is in her eyes. Great.

"Lets carry on, no turning back now." Denver says, his jaw tight. I nod and walk forwards slowly, watching out for the thing that killed one of Spirits doubles. "Careful Misty, we don't know what's there."

"I know." I whispear, still moving forward.

I poke my head around the corner, looking out for danger. "It's all clear so far." I say and walk around the corner. Suddenly a sword comes out from one of the walls, the blade inches away from my stomache, than bursts into flames. It quickly melts.

"I told you to be careful." Denver says from right behind me. I turn my head back to him and smile softly. "Thanks for saving me." I say and turn back to the front. "Come on, be on guard. Watch out for everything." I tell my team and walk ahead, my eyes searching the cave.

"Get down" Spirit yells and pushes us to the floor as a massive sword thing flies above our heads. I swallow deeply and scowl at it, the sword still moving above us, getting lower.

"You guys crawl in front, I sort this out." I tell them. Both of them don't look too happy about going in front of me but I glare at them until they move.

Once they are crawling in front I look at the swsord thing, watching its every move. I can feel the weather changing, a storms coming. I smile as a massive rain cloud goes over the sword, lightning shoots at it, making it shake. My eyes widen as I realise that it's going to fall.

"Run." I yell, jumping to my feet. The others jump to their feet too. We all run, dodging the things that come out the walls at us.

"Follow me, I know the way out." Spirit says, me and Denver follow close behind her. Sweat is sticking to my forehead and running into my eyes. I'm right behind Spirit and Denver is behind me I can't help the smile coming to my face.

Us three make a good team.

The End

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