Annalise Jaye Jones - What the heck is under the ice?!

We looked down at the ice. “Shit,” we said in synchronisation. Mystry was still staring at the ice, as if looking at some invisible light emitted from it. I recalled what she had whispered earlier; something about an aura shining from below the ice. Aura, I thought, trying to remember the word I so clearly recognised. Aura...Aha! I remembered.


I gasped. I turned to look at Mystry and for once she was looking right back at me. Her face wore an expression filled with such terror that it chilled me right to the bone. “A-are you t-telling m-me that...That there is s-s-something below us...A-and that the ice is t-the only t-thing stoppin’ it from gettin’ to us,” I stuttered, my eyes reflecting her horror. There was an unspoken yes between us.


“What,” Eric asked, utterly confused. It was then I realised that I was speaking to Mystry in another language – a language that she clearly understood. I turned to face him; looking him straight in the eyes I said “there’s something under the ice. Something that’s alive.” He groaned, "I know that." His face looked disgruntled. I blanched, seeing that even my team leader was worried chickenless (as my Mamma would say), made me wonder – what the hell was down there that could make Mr I’m-so-tough Team Leader uneasy?


Eric Shadow shook himself and then answered my internal question. “Not many things.” His face turned back to the tough guy look. “Here’s what we got to do,” he said in an authoritative tone. “First we have to make sure we’re safe. I can control the shadows to do that, but we still don’t know what’s actually down there. Myst,” he turned to look at Mystry. “Does the aura tell you anything about who or what it belongs to?” Mystry gave Eric a helpless look. “It’s nothing like ever seen before, but the colour I’m getting from it is a chocolate brown. That means it’s hungry and we got to move fast.”


He turned back to me, trying to mask the look horror and disgust from his face. In a voice that beamed with bravery he asked “Can you decipher the code for the door.” I tore my gaze from his and looked up. “The puzzle uses Egyptian Hieroglyphics ,” I muttered. I looked better. “Yes, yes I can.” I shot him a cock grin and accentuating my accent I said “glad to be at your service, Mam.

The End

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