Eric: Level 2

"Okay, what do you guys think will be next?" I ask turning to look at both of them.  AJ shrugs and Mystry clings to my side. She's frightened. I look down at her and tilt up her face. "Whats wrong?"

Mystry shakes her head and presses it into my side. "I don't like it in here" she whispers. I sigh and look at AJ.

"Am I the only one who is calm here? And I'm the one who got ingured" I say shaking my head. I wrap an arm round Mystry and begin to move along AJ walking at the other side of me.

Then we come into a room. "Okay" AJ yells her voice echoing. "Where the hell is the exit?"

"Up there" Misty whispers pointing up. We look up to see a ledge and a very complicated puzzle door.

"So not only do we have to get up there... on this flooring which by the way is ice suspended over a pit. We have to unlock the puzzle door" I say rubbing my forhead. "Something tells me that the last people who came to camp ended up hating training"

"Yeah Eric, you think?" AJ jokes. We alll sigh heavily. Then stare at the floor of ice in confusion. "Even a mouse would break that flooring and there's no wind to fly"

"I can't help either but I may point out that there is something below that ice cause there is an aura shining down there" Mystry whispers.

We all look back at the ice again."Shit"

The End

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