Spirit Ise

I had woken up early that day and had gone outside to take a walk. I found myself leaning under a tree watching as everyone came out of the cabins. Hands in my pockets I began thinking. This place wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Everyone here was actually nice but I just didn't feel like talking to them. My bangs hung in my eyes. I didn't bother to move them. They would only end up falling back to the same place.

Later that day that Sasha lady called us over for a training exercise. I sit down next to Misty, two of my duplicates following in suit. Sasha starts talking. "You'll be sent in three's and I'll be setting the teams. Here are the teams:

Team 1 - Eric, AJ and Mystry

Team 2 - Misty, Denver and Spirit

Team 3 - Aliah, Liam and Eva

Team 4 - Marcus, Niki and Cordelia"

"Isn't this good. We're all from Team Shadow here." I say sarcastically. Misty stands up as Team 1 enters the cave.

"We're going next. It's going to be underground so it's going to be dark," Misty says tying a bandana in her hair "we need a plan before entering."

"Yeah it is good that we're all together, like one happy family." says a boy whom I believe is named Denver. He winks at me and Misty rolls her eyes.

"Yeah it'll be fun..." I murmur sarcastically

"Look, we need a game plan! I think Denver you use your fire power when we get closed in, then we can see. Spirit, you send your duplicates in front so we can see what we're up against." Misty says strongly. I can tell she's a competitive person. 

 "Relax. This will be fun." Denver says pushing Misty slightly. She narrowed her eyes and that's when I noticed that they were different colors. One blue and the other hazel. Cool.

I saw Denver whisper something into Misty's ear, as we began to walk toward the cave. The sun suddenly disappeared behind some rather dark looking clouds.

"So what I satyed outside last night? It's better than being in that cabin. I prefer the night, the weather is different. A good different. It doesn't make me feel like I'm going to make a huge storm and kill a load of people just because I couldn't sleep because someone was snoring!" Misty snapped at Denver angrily

Finally deciding this has gone on long enough I speak up for the second time that day. "Okay, I think you need to calm down a bit. Just breathe okay?" I flash her a faint smile. Sheesh. I think

"Thanks Spirit. Sorry, I'm just not in a good mood." She mutters as the cave opens for us to go in. "Remember the plan." She said as the cave closed. The two messed around some more before I nodded to my duplicates.

"We're ready." They say in unison. Misty smiles then grabs my hand. I flinch slightly but Misty doesn't notice.

"This will be fun!" she giggles and pulls me forward. Great. This was going to be fun.

We continued to walk forward. I had gotten my hand out of Misty's grasp but after some strugle. I continued to walk next to her, my duplicates still leading the way. I motioned for one of them to come over.

"I need you to run up a head and see if you see anything." I instruct her. Nodding she runs up ahead and around the corner. After walking a few more steps that's when we hear her scream. Panicked I get ready wondering what the heck is up there. I felt a slight pain and knew that she had been attacked by something.

The End

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