Cordelia: A Challenge

 "....Team 4: Marcus, Niki, and Cordelia."  finishes Sasha, gazing over us. We all saunter into our teams. Ours is the last, so the longest time to wait. I watch the first team-Eric, Mystery, and, the girl I enjoyed a converstaion with the night before, AJ-head into the underground cave which is supposed to be our challenge. There is a knot in my stomach as I watch their heads disappear. I brush my anxious thoughts aside; they wouldn't put us in a dangerous situation, would they?

  After chatting a bit, I gaze over the small group of people, catching Oliver standing aside watching. I blush as I realize he's looking at me as well. Shifting awkwardly, I give him a half-smile and he gesters for me to come over. I look at my team-members hesitantly, but briskly tell them "I'll be right back," and strolling over. His eyes flicker with that warm friendliness that makes me relax, like I've always been his best friend.

 "What are they going to have us do?" I question him.

 He shrugs, "It's a test, to see what your powers and abilites are. I went here for camp for two years and they did this almost every time, but in different ways." Oliver winks, "You'll make it out alive."

 Silence drops between us. "So you've gone to camp here?" I ask. Stupid question, he just said that he did. I mentally punch myself.

 "Yeah," he nods. "My parents were always somewhat freaked out by my powers but they still excepted them. They thought I might want to meet some people with similiar powers. After the second time, they offered me a job here and thought my powers would be handy to have around."

 I smiled, looking at his bright, silvery hazel eyes. Blinking a few times, I snapped back into reality, heat rising in my face from staring for even the mili-second that I did. "You may want to head over to your group. If you stand over here to long, Denia might get suspcious. She don't like the staff and the campers.....uh...intermingling."

 I swore I turned a brighter shade of red, hoping that it wasn't that visible. He seems to blush a little and I nod briskly, "Alright, see you later."

 "Good luck!" he grins, making me half turn around to smile at him again, only to stumble on my own feet. Dammit, I can't be normal! I regain my balance, consider turning invisible, but continue over to sit next to Marcus and Niki at the base of a tree. She looks a little scared, with her hood pulled over her head as if she herself wanted to try to become invisible.

 We are quiet as we waited-I liked my team. Niki was younger, I think the youngest of the group, and Marcus was also pretty nice. Our conversation was sparce, as we watched all of the groups go into the dark maw of the cave. I wished we were rather first than last. I wasn't normally an impatient person, but longer we sat, the more nervous we got. When Sasha finally walked up to us and mutters, "Your guys turn."

 All standing, I take a glance at Oliver. For a moment, I believed he appeared anxious, but as soon as he met my eyes he gave me an encouraging thumbs up. I take a deep breath, turning into the shadows of the cave as if I'm about to jump into a cold pool. The darkness swallows us and I shiver in the clammy atmosphere.

The End

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