Misty : Bring It On!

I put on my converses (the only shoes i own), my black jeans and a dark blue sports top. I grab my bandana before running out of the cabin, I'm soooo late for breakfast!

I run in and quickly take my place at the table, I grab some toast and pour some orange juice. I eat quickly and crain my glass.

"Hungry?" Denver asks, smiling at me. I shake my head.

"Got up late. Need to run." I get up and sprint out of the food cabin.

I start to jog around it a few times, a warm up, now to run around the whole camp. A small smile appears on my face as I head towards the shadow cabins.

"Hey! Got with the others. It's training today." Someone yells, making me roll my eyes and sprint to catch up with the rest of the camp members. I nod to some of my team but it wouldn't surprise me if anyone noticed.

"Here we are" Our trainer says stopping in front of a cave entrance. "You'll be sent in three's and I'll be setting the teams. Here are the teams:

Team 1 - Eric, AJ and Mystry

Team 2 - Misty, Denver and Spirit

Team 3 - Aliah, Liam and Eva

Team 4 - Marcus, Niki and Cordelia"

She finishes the list then looks around. I shake my head and sit down on the floor. If I'm going to be working in a team I'll have to be relaxed, I would of been okay if I was allowed my run but no.

Spirit smiles at me and sits down too, so does another and another. I arch one of my eyebrows but don't say anything. If she wants to keep using her powers like this and aslong as it don't get me involved, that's fine with me.

Denver stands up, blocking the sun. I frown and make a storm above his head so he moves. He shifts to one side, a smile on his face.

"Isn't this good! We are all from Shadow here!" Spirit beams at us sarcastically. I sigh and get to my feet as Team 1 goes into the cave.

"We're up next. It's under ground so it's going to be dark, we need a plan before entering." I say, putting on my bandana.

"Yeah it is good that we're all together, like one happy family." Denver says, ignoring what I've just said, and winks at Spirit. I roll my eyes.

"Yeah it'll be fun..." Her voice is a murmer but I can still hear the sarcasim in it.

"Look, we need a game plan! I think Denver you use your fire power when we get closed in, then we can see. Spirit, you send your duplicates in front so we can see what we're up against." I say, my voice strong.

Denver rolls his green eyes at me and playfully pushes my shoulder. "Relax. This will be fun."

I narrow my different coloured eyes at him. I had to take charge, we need a plan if we are gonna beat everyone and win this! Okay I might be a little competitive but sport and things are what I am good at.

"Is someone tired? I saw you went to sleep outside last night." Denver mutters in my ear as we all walk towards the cave, ready to go in there. I make the sky cloud over, making the sun disappear. "Yup. Really tired."

I turn to him. "So what I satyed outside last night? It's better than being in that cabin. I prefer the night, the weather is different. A good different. It doesn't make me feel like I'm going to make a huge storm and kill a load of people just because I couldn't sleep because someone was snoring!" I snapped angrily.

Spirit puts a hand on my arm. "Okay, I think you need to calm down a bit. Just breathe okay?" She smiles a little as I do what she says. I smile back, feeling calmer.

"Thanks Spirit. Sorry, I'm just not in a good mood." I mutter as the cave opens for us to go in. "Remember the plan." I tell them both as the earth patches up behind us.

"What was that again?" Denver asks, I turn around and punch is arm hard. "I was joking okay? Ouch." He says, making his voice seem like he's in agony. He rubs the place where I punched him, making me smile slightly. I've got a hard punch, I've known that for a while, I used to box until my uncle found out about my powers than banned me for ever going again. But I still did, sometimes.

"We're ready." The duplicates of Spirit say at the same time. I smile at them, holding the real ones hand, so we don't loose the her with her clones around, as Denver lights the place up.

I look around the cave. "Bring it on!" I say, my eyes alight with excitment. Oh, this will be fun! I giggle and walk forward comfidently.

The End

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