Eric: Across and.... Ouch!

I hear a flapping and turned to see a bat. "That's your idea?" I say confused. "Crossing the assault corse as a bat?"

You should have known your a mind reader, AJ's thought shouted. I shoke my head then rubbed my forehead. "I don't intrude on privat thoughts unless they are screamed or are about me. Now we need to come up with a logical way across this corse..... AJ fly ahead and look at each piece so I can see how to avoid them"

AJ's bat form sort of nods and swoops off ahead. I turn to Mystry and kiss her gently before taking her hand. "Follow my every movement" I tell her.

I go the left bridge and duck avoiding a sword. Mystry squeals behind me and I almost panic but I feel the Shadows sliding down my arm to protect her.

Then something slices my arm. I wince and feel Shadows wrap around the cut. We climb over a gate then jump over a crack. Then roll eachh move is now painful but not as painful as it could be.

Then finally we reach the other side AJ waiting looking at us with wide eyes. I walk through the door and slump to the ground. I hear commotion at the start of the corse and look back to see the next team stepping through.

"Come on" I say getting up. "We better get going" I'm halfway through the door when Mystry notices the blood trailing down my arm.

"Oh god you got hit" She gasps. She wipes the Shadows off to reveal a very deep cut. Mystry gasps as does AJ.

"Let the Shadows deal with it" I mutter allowing them to sneak back on. "They'll stop the blood flow and stitch it up. Come on we need to move"

The End

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