Liam:Into the darkness

I woke up with the memory's of Aliah and I still fresh in my memory a smile growing on my face I hopped out of bed excitedly getting my close on, saying hello to a sleepy looking Marcus before darting outside at high speed.

"Oh I'm a little early waking up." I said as the day showed the sun barely lit grounds. I walked towards the Gym where I hear the sounds of feet hitting the ground and air being moved quickly. I watched as one of Team shadow's girls I think her name was Annalise was doing some martial arts. I had to admit she was really good, all though I probably wouldn't admit out loud, because I did Mixed martial arts a few years ago and I have a bit of an ego to protect when it comes to that. I decided to walk into give a compliment but I accidently startled her she hit the ground hard.

"Oh my g-d, you okay?" I run forwards feeling really bad about it.

"Hey." She giggled, " Your kinda cute."  I think I turned several shades of red.  She really must have hit her head hard because there is now I consider myself cute.

"Ummm." I say holding out my hand," The thing is.." I didn't complete my sentence.

"Ohmygosh I didn't mean to embarass you ya. I didn't mean to call you cute, I mean you are .. and." I know that she was trying to make things better but probably making things worse so I changed the subject.

" Hey, I saw you training your pretty good, perhaps we should train sometime, but just as friends." I added to make sure she got the right Idea. I turned to walk out.

"Hey, I don't like you in that.. I mean." She said, I had little smile I have been in that situation to myself, she was just trying to make things better.

At breakfast I hardly ate anything I mostly looked at Aliah, I wasn't big on breakfast food I liked lunch or dinner for it. Afterwards I waited outside for Aliah who ran towards me in camo pants and a white shirt looking quite ready for training.

"I see that you're ready." I grinned.

"Yes indeed. I respect my time in the core."

"the core, I will have to remember that one." She winked then smile, before continueing on on how brutal the competitions is going to be.

"So I was thinking after capture the flag tonight that we could meet up?" I ask her eyes lit up.

"Same time same place?" She asks.

I simply nodded.

"Best we better get a move." She gestured to the others heading to training.

"Get into teams." Denia says.

"See you tonight Liam." Aliah says, then kissing my cheek, then joined her team while I stood there a little shocked but at the same time I smiled.

Later on Denia had everyone meet up and named 4 different teams putting me ,Aliah, and Eva together. I was quite happy to hear that they put Aliah and Together. The first team entered as I met up with Aliah agian.I held Aliah's hand the whole time we waited for out turn. I new Eva wasn't to happy with Mystry, and Shadow's team leader Eric, so I was bit nervouse about her seeing me showing affection for Aliah. She didn't appear to mind though but I was still going to be cautiouse,and besides it wasn't like I was snogging her rate off the bat when I saw her, that's probably what's got her worrying about Mystry a few hours after meeting eachother those two were already pretty close.

"Team two your up!" Denia says, as the cave enterance opens again, allowing us agian. Eva takes the first steps showing she was the leader. I think that she is a natural leader, but right now she is trying to hard to prove it to the camp staff or to her self that she is a leader.

"Alright lets see what caves hold for us." I say confidentally still holding Aliah's hand, we follow after Eva. The door slam's shut behind us slightly startling us as the noise echoes deeply through the cave which was large course of holes, bridges, and even a few weapons making things harder

"Ouch." Eva says looking at them

 I walk ahead looking down one of the holes I flashed the torch down it still not seeing the bottom. I take my right hand out and put over the light making a beam of light I can control from my hand I stretch it down the hole finally seeing the bottom.

"Woah, that quite the drop there."I comment," I think we should stay close just incase one of us falls so we can catch them before things go south."

"Yes I agree Eva looking down the hole."

"Well lets get started." Aliah says grabbing my hand and gently pulling me away from the hole. 

"Right, I wonder if I can map the place out?" I say making several beams of light across the cave remembereing the terrian, and obstacles.

"Stop." Eva says as one of the beams hits a distant exit is in the corner of the cave.

" Oh this is going to be a challenge but fun." I say holding in my excitement, I squeezed Aliah's hand a little tighter, I really liked being here with her too, she made things alot more comfortable.

The End

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