Aliah: waiting

As soon as they announced the teams butterflies filled my stomache, I was going to spend god knows how long with Liam and Eva. My palms began to sweat a little as they came to stand beside me, I smiled at Eva "Hi, I'm Aliah, nice to meet you"

"I'm Eva" she smiled back, good, so she didn't hate me because I was a shadow, she just hated our team leader, I didn't get why she hated him but hey, maybe she has a history with the guy and he said or did something horrible......he didn't seem bad to me but hey, thats just me.

"It's nice to see you again Aliah" Liam smiled, I blushed.

"So what do you two think of this challenge?" I turned to see an earth wall slam down with an audible bang and I cringed

"Medevil" Eva said "But it's probably like a test, y'know, see who comes back unscathed and who uses their powers the most effectively"

I nodded "That sounds plausible"

"And cruel" Liam laughs "Good thing you wore camo trousers"

"Oh,I almost forgot" I pulled out a matching cap and Liam laughed, I reached up and put it on his head "There and for Eva...camo wrist band!" I gave it to her and it was obvious she was trying to hold back the laughter

"So what are we, the camo team?"

I beamed a huge smile "Wanna know the best part?"

"What?" Eva failed in not trying to laugh, but then, when I was being random, who couldn't?

"They're torches too!" I clicked a switch on my trousers and pulled out a small but powerful ntorch and did the same for the others except Eva' was attached.

"Good idea, how did you know to bring torches?"

"I didn't, I just guessed I laughed "Forest, dark, so I thought torch!"

"Three?" Eva raised an eyebrow giggling

"Back ups!" I smiled and clicked off the torches

Liam smiled at me and we reached for eachother's hands, intertwining our fingers.

"So Eva" I said calmly "Any guys caught your eye?" Liam squezzed my hand

Eva shrugged

"What about the guy wh dished out teams, he's pretty cute...."

Eva blushed,I took that as a she thinks so too.

"It's awesome I got grouped with you guys though! The shadow team is soooooooooooooo quiet, hardly anyone talk and when they do" I yawned  dramatically and I heard them both surpress laughter.

"We're after the next group" Liam points out "Nervous?"

"Hell yeah, I can't wait"

The End

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