Annalise Jaye Jones - Inside The Bat Cave

It was weird being able to train in the gym without being interrupted constantly by a very annoying sibling. I can’t say I missed it. For an hour straight I had managed to completely focus my mind and do difficult moves that I would not be able to do back at the farm. Showing my full potential shocked me. Yeah, I knew I was good but I hadn’t realised that I was that good. I think I could even put Jackie Shan to shame! Heeeyah!!!


An hour and a half went by and I thought I was going to get through a whole training session without being interrupted – that would have been a first! I had thought too soon.  Aliah’s dude Liam walked in. His entrance had surprised me and because I was in the middle of a jumping fly-kick I fell from midair.


“Oh my G-d! Are you okay?”  He ran towards me, wearing a worried look. “Hey,” I giggled. I must have bumped my head real hard because the next thing I said was “Hey...You’re kinda cute.”

“Ummm...” he mumbled, his face going a scarlet red. Liam timidly held out a hand for me to take and I pulled myself up. “The thing is...” He trailed off. I shook myself. “Ohmigosh!  I didn’t mean to embarrass ya,” I said, shocked at myself. “I didn’t mean to call you cute...Even though you are...And...” I started babbling away but my head was screaming, what the hell do you think you are doing? He’s Aliah’s boy!


“Hey,” he said, obviously trying to break the awkwardness of this situation. “I saw you from outside. You seem pretty good.” I stared at him in disbelief, peeved that he would refer to my martial arts as mediocre. “Pretty good?”

“Yeah. Perhaps we can train together sometime?” He smiled, suddenly reminding me of Phil. “But just as friends,” he added, his smile becoming a wide grin. Then he turned and walked out. “Hey!” I yelled after him. “I don’t like you in that...I mean...You’re...” I ended with a frustrated sigh. Smooth, AJ, perfectly smooth.


So there I was; in a dark and dank cave with Mr You-Can-Trust-Me and his beloved sidekick. From the sound of scales slivering along the slippery rocks I could tell there were snakes inside here with us. I knew I’d better not tell Mystry. If she knew, she’d freak out and probably faint. Then me and her boyfriend would have to drag her frail body out of here. Why, oh why did I get put on his team?


“Right,” I said grinning but it was pointless as it was so dark. “Anybody got any powers that can help us escape?”

“Well I can control shadows,” Eric suggested.

“That’s great,” I replied sarcastically. “But have you notice that we already have enough shadow around us?” I sighed. "Well," Eric said defensively. "Just because it's dark doesn't mean they cannot help us escape. What is up with you anyway? Aren't you supposed to be all cheerful?" I looked away ashamed. "I'm claustrophobic." He put his hand on my shoulder and I looked up into his eyes. Even though it was dark I could see the sympathy in the eyes I once thought were heartless.

"Wait," I cried out. My mind was ablaze with a brilliant idea. I stared at him and I knew he could hear my thoughts.

“Fine, I’ll turn around,” he replied to them. “Good,” I said. “’Cos I really hate it when people watch me morph.”

“I understand.” I gave him a look. “You do?” Eric murmured something under his breath and turned around. Mystry did the same, copying him like a sheep. “Oh,” I said. Suddenly feeling very unlike my usual self – which was scaring the crap outta me! “For this, Eric, you owe me a favour.” This favour that I spoke involves asking why he chose me to be on his team and what Eva had against.

With that I changed into a bat. A creature that was perfect for caves like this.

The End

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